Billie Eilish tour dates announced for new album Hit Me Hard and Soft

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Billie Eilish, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, has announced an ambitious 81-date world tour set to commence later this year. The tour, which will cover North America, Australia, and Europe, is scheduled to kick off in September.

The “What Was I Made For” hitmaker has revealed that her upcoming third studio album, titled “Hit Me Hard And Soft,” will be her most sustainable project yet. Billie has partnered with an environmental organization to ensure the tour’s operations align with her commitment to sustainability.

Tickets for the highly anticipated tour will go on sale on May 3rd. Billie will begin her journey in Canada on September 29th, before taking her show to the United States in October. She will then head to Australia in February, followed by a European leg in April.

The tour will include 12 dates in the United Kingdom, with performances in Glasgow, London, and Manchester. This comes after Billie’s previous “Happier Than Ever” tour in 2022, where she collaborated with Reverb, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in the music industry.

Billie Eilish is a long-standing advocate for environmental causes, and she has pledged to make her upcoming tour “climate positive,” meaning it will eliminate more emissions than it produces. This commitment has led to the implementation of various eco-friendly initiatives, such as reducing single-use plastics, offering plant-based food options, and donating a portion of profits to fund climate projects.

In a recent interview, Billie expressed her deep-rooted awareness of the impact of her choices and actions, stating, “My parents have always kept me well informed and hyper-aware that every choice we make and every action we take has an impact somewhere or on someone, good or bad, and that has always stuck with me.” She further emphasized her determination to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of her music career, saying, “I can’t just ignore what I know and go about my business and career and not do something. That’s just not how I was raised, or how I want to live my life.”

For the upcoming “Hit Me Hard And Soft” album, Billie has announced plans to limit the environmental impact of physical copies. This includes the use of recycled vinyl for the album’s vinyl releases, as well as the use of recycled materials for the packaging and album sleeves. Additionally, the singer has decided not to release any singles in advance, encouraging fans to experience the album “in one go.”

Billie Eilish’s commitment to sustainability and her efforts to minimize the environmental impact of her music and tours are a testament to her dedication to making a positive difference. Fans eagerly await the upcoming tour and album, which promise to be not only musically captivating but also environmentally responsible.

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