Artists challenged to create heritage project

Jack McNeill, Azraa Motala and Emma McGordon were chosen by a panel to produce a piece of work

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Three artists have each been granted £25,000 as part of a project celebrating the heritage of a county.

Jack McNeill, Azraa Motala, and Emma McGordon were selected by a panel to create a “substantial” piece of work or event that contributes to Cumbria’s artistic community.

The panel acknowledged that the submission process was challenging but expressed excitement about supporting the artists throughout their creative endeavors.

The Catalyst project will be overseen by Art Gene, the University of Cumbria, and the Cumbria Arts and Culture Network.

Over the course of 10 months, the artists will work on a project aimed at “raising the visibility and profile of the county as a unique, innovative, and creative place for artists to develop their careers.”

Funding for the project has been provided by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (CLEP) to promote the county’s nature, industry, and heritage.

Poet and performer Emma McGordon intends to use the residency to create a film featuring the people, words, and landscapes that have influenced her work.

Visual artist Azraa Motala expressed her excitement about the opportunity to create work that resonates with various segments of society, fostering meaningful impact and dialogue.

Musician Jack McNeill described the selection process as an emotional journey and outlined his project’s aim to place Cumbria at the center of a global narrative, using collective voices to bring about change and empathy in the landscape.

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