Israeli Minister Denies Claim Aid Workers Deliberately Targeted

Aid Workers Deliberately Targeted

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A controversy has been stirred recently as an astounding claim was made stating that aid workers were being purposely targeted in Israel. It was suggested that these humanitarian workers, striving to provide essential supplies and assistance in areas of conflict, were seen as deliberate targets. Speaking out against these accusations, an Israeli minister has promptly denied such claims, asserting that Israel has always maintained the principle of safeguarding humanitarian workers.

Israeli Minister Denies Claim Aid Workers Deliberately Targeted

An Israeli cabinet minister refutes allegations that Israeli forces intentionally targeted seven World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid workers in Gaza.

José Andrés, the founder of WCK, claims that Israel is methodically targeting his employees, one car after another.

Israel’s Economy Minister, Nir Barkat, dismissed Mr Andrés’ allegations as “nonsense” in an interview with BBC News.

Israel admits the strikes that resulted in the deaths of the workers were a “serious error” and has committed to conducting an investigation.

On Wednesday, Mr. Andrés informed Reuters that the Israeli forces’ actions were not a case of misfortune where a bomb was accidentally dropped in the wrong place.

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 12 news, the Spanish-American celebrity chef stated that the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] knowingly attacked clearly marked vehicles.

Responding to Mr Andrés’ remarks, Nir Barkat expressed to the BBC that Israel deeply regretted the death of the seven aid workers, acknowledging that unfortunate incidents of friendly fire can occur during warfare.

He stated, “In war, we strive to prevent such incidents, learn from them, and ensure they do not recur.”

The international community widely condemns the killings. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak calls for a transparent, independent investigation. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden criticizes Israel for inadequate protection of civilians and aid workers.

“Mr Biden stated that the United States has consistently encouraged Israel to coordinate its military actions against Hamas with humanitarian efforts to prevent civilian casualties.”

Responding to Mr. Andrés’ claims that his aid workers were deliberately targeted in separate strikes by the IDF, despite attempted communications, Mr. Barkat dismissed it as nonsense.

“He firmly stated that Israel would never intentionally target individuals who are there to provide aid.”

He further stated that on October 7, Hamas deliberately attacked Israeli villages, committing acts of rape and murder against women.

WCK reports the aid convoy was struck as it departed from the Deir al-Balah warehouse, after unloading over 100 tonnes of humanitarian food aid delivered to Gaza by sea.

The convoy consisted of three vehicles, two of which were armored and prominently featured the charity’s logo.

The three vehicles, spaced about 2.5km apart, were all struck in the attack.

Israeli Minister Denies Claim Aid Workers Deliberately Targeted

The remains of six foreign WCK workers have been transported to Egypt for repatriation, and their 25-year-old Palestinian coworker was laid to rest in his native Rafah, South Gaza, on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, WCK announced a suspension of operations, casting uncertainty on humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Cogat, the Israeli Defense Ministry body overseeing civilian policy in the West Bank and Gaza, states that 60% of the non-governmental aid entering the territory is managed by WCK.

WCK has delivered 42 million meals in the Gaza Strip, utilizing over 1,700 food trucks and nearly 435,000 sea-shipped meals.

The UN has announced a 48-hour night-time halt to assess the security situation.

The American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera), a second charity closely working with WCK, informed BBC that it too, has suspended its operations in Gaza.

Israeli Minister Denies Claim Aid Workers
WCK released pictures of the victims

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has labeled the strike as unintentional.

“During war, we maintain vigilance until the end and regular contact with various governments. We will exhaust all measures to prevent such occurrences from repeating,” Mr Netanyahu stated on Tuesday.

Three aid workers killed were British, along with a Polish, an Australian, a Palestinian, and a dual US-Canadian citizen.

The US-funded Aid Worker Security Database reports that over 196 aid workers in Gaza have been killed since October. Not all of these fatalities occurred while on duty.

Israeli military operations, triggered by Hamas-led attacks on southern Israel that killed around 1,200 people and took 253 hostages on October 7, have left much of the Gaza Strip devastated.

Approximately 130 hostages are still captive, with at least 34 presumed dead.

The Hamas-run health ministry reports over 33,000 fatalities in Gaza to date.


The statements made by the Israeli minister denying these claims have sparked debates and discussions globally. Indeed, the international community, no doubt influenced by its own experiences and convictions, has varied reactions to this. However, one fact remains constant- the vital importance of aid workers in conflict areas and the absolute need for their protection.

If these allegations are indeed untrue or have been grossly misrepresented, then a constructive way forward is the clarification and reassurance of the safety of humanitarian workers in Israel. The utmost priority must be to sustain and bolster the priceless work aid workers undertake regardless of the political or geographical barriers they navigate.

The truth of these allegations remains to be established. Regardless of the outcome, one fact is clear- humanitarian workers, their safety, their rights, and their exceptional work must be respected and protected under all circumstances.

Their pursuit for making a safe living must be celebrated, not vilified, and their best interests fiercely defended. To fail to do so would symbolize a failure of our collective humanity.

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